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We simplify application Process and help you to reach your dream of studying in Germany.


At GLC, we can help develop the best University Application drawing from our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. We work with students to learn their aptitude and interest, and then find out which of the more than 380 officially recognized universities in Germany and would fit their goal.


Ms Suman Judge, the Director and Chief Instructor at GLC, lived and studied in Germany. (She completed her Graduate Degree while in Germany.) You can benefit from her vast experience and deep knowledge of the country, its social and cultural aspects, and its education system. Whether you want to study or apply for jobs in Germany, Ms Judge’s advice and recommendations will help you greatly in articulating your thoughts. You will then be better placed to make crucial career decisions.

About Teacher

I am Suman Judge, the Director of German Language Classes (GLC), Bhopal.

After spending 22 years of my life in Germany, including my Schooling and further education till Masters Degree, I came to India.

My entire education was completely in German Language.

My upbringing in Germany and my experiences have given me a strong command over the German language.

For over 14 years now, I have been teaching the German language comprehensively at German Language Classes (R) my Institute in India.

Since 2007 (14 Years), I have taught more than 9000 students at GLC, and it is the only institute in Central India that has produced 100% results since 2007 in for the International Certification Examinations of Goethe-Institute Max Müller Bhavan.”

Goethe Institute Max Müller Bhavna International Level Exam Results

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