Level B2 – Professional Course

Started on April 28, 202212.00pm - 6.00pm150 Hours over 5 Months

This is the first level of intermediate German.  Here you will practice reading difficult texts, writing on complicated topics, and discussing hard subjects.  Work-related issues will be emphasized. After finishing this level, you will have a good command on the language and you will be able to communicate in German with confidence.

* These are intermediate courses for those who have successfully given the Goethe-Institut exams for Levels A1 and A2 Professional Courses.
* At GLC, we provide job search assistance to students and professionals in German companies (based in India) after completing Levels A1 to B2 from GLC

* Course Duration:  5 Months
* Course Hours: 150 Hours
* Class Days: Monday to Thursday
* Class Duration per day: 3 – 4 Hours
* On Fridays: Speaking Sessions, Email Writing, Group Discussions, Grammar Revision, German Movie, Role Playing

* Batch Size: 5 to 7 students minimum
* Batch Starts: Every 4 Months
* Course Material: 5 Course Books and 30 Mock Test Papers
* Course Fees:We have many different courses. The fee structure varies accordingly.  We request you to visit our Institute to let us guide you in choosing the right course for your requirements.

Course Content:

Gain fluency in German by studying literary, socio-political, cultural and scientific topics. You will be able to

After completing the course, you will be able to

* Understand the essence of long and complex texts (concrete and abstract)
* Understand television programs and movies, so long as Standard German is used
* Speak spontaneously and effortlessly, so that a ‘regular’ conversation with a native speaker is possible
* Discuss answers to a question and explain advantages and disadvantages
* Write clear and detailed texts, especially argumentative essays and reports
* Write personal and formal letters to explain your opinions and relate your personal experience

NOTE:  Eligibility Criteria: Level B1 Goethe Certificate is required. No exceptions can be made.