About Us

German Language Classes is an institute that fosters and suffuses the love to learn a novel language. A language sets one in a corridor for life; however a new language opens a new door. We educate one in such a way that picking up a new language becomes effortless and fun.

The faculty here has German roots, with profound knowledge of the language and well versed with the skill of tutoring a contemporary dialect. We teach in a pragmatic manner and the dexterous environment propels student to grasp new words quickly. Students at GLC master a new language assiduously and none of the tasks like speaking, reading, writing and listening in German (Deutsch) becomes onerous. We believe that excellence is never an accident; it is always a result of sincere efforts, intelligent direction, high intention and skillful execution. Thus ensuing to the aforementioned words we have been producing 100% results since 2007, which makes us the Numero Uno Institute of German Language tutelage in Central India.

GLC is associated and recognised by “Goethe-Institute Max Mueller Bhavan” which serves as the official language centre of Government of Germany in India for the past 125 years. All the courses taught are based entirely on the curriculum prescribed by Max Mueller Bhavan and the teaching methods are defined keeping in mind the exam requirements and pattern. We intend to procreate an environment where students develop a passion for learning and develop adequate understanding of language so that it never serves as a hindrance in achieving ones goal.


GLC batches are designed for those who have busy schedule throughout the day, either because of work or other obligations. We provide small interactive lessons, focusing on practical daily language use and themes. We achieve language improvement by refreshing key grammatical structures and immediately putting them to use, e.g. live role plays, interview simulation, and day to day activities. This structure helps students to gain the necessary vocabulary and skills to meet their needs.

The German courses include levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 all designed accordingly in reference to European Framework of Reference for Language Learning.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Certified trainer with 12 years of experience in teaching German, who is also a native of Germany.
  • Study Environment.
  • Library Facility.
  • Focus on improving communication skills.
  • More than 7000 alumni including that from IIM Indore and IIFM Bhopal and other Engineering Colleges.
  • Maximum batch of 10 – 15 students.

Ultimately, our goal is to make your German learning experience as fun, engaging, and memorable as possible! For more information about our method or forthcoming batches, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us.

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GLC is a tutoring service which offers personalized programs to teach German Language.