Working and Internships opportunity at Central India's best German Language Classes.

  • We are the only German Language Classes in Bhopal, which works exclusively with native speakers.
  • We offer German Language in the form of group, individual and corporate batches.
  • We specialize in intensive German language courses for the  preparation of Goethe certification.
  • You can Learn German in 4 Weeks: This is our promise for the A1 & A2 levels. we promise best efforts with all our students– because the success of our students is our top priority.
  • If you too have a passion to share knowledge and to work with students and helping them reach their goals and achieving success, then apply now with us.
  • Ideal For Previously Experienced.
  • Interest to work for 6 months or more in Bhopal
  • Interest to teach according to European standards
  • Openness for teaching also on weekends and evenings
  • Curiosity and interest to work in an unconventional working environment and a culturally diverse country
  • Paid internships (at a duty of 4-6 months) *
  • Employee (with a commitment of 12 months) *
  • A young, motivated team and a unique working environment in the heart of Bhopal

Applications & to requests:
Phone: + 91 989 303 5119

We are looking forward to your application!

GLC is a tutoring service which offers personalized programs to teach German Language.