Why Learn German!


Warum sollte man Deutsch Lernen? Na ja, die Richtige Frage ist, Warum nicht?
Why learn German? The real question is, why not?
With over 230 million speakers and growing each day,owing to it’s increasing worth, the number of German learners is only going uphill. Take a country with immense technological advancements, add beauty and culture to it, and you’ll have Germany. Germany’s economic growth, innovation, and career opportunities are just some of the endless reasons to learn German.
Culturally, German is widely thought of as the language of ‘Dichter und Denker’ (writers and thinkers), thanks to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Kant, Marx, Humboldt and Nietzsche.

Noch nicht sicher? Keine Sorge!
Still not sure?

Dont worry,we’ve got a lot more convincing reasons to learn German. Some of which may actually change your life for the better.Stay tuned for our future posts.

Los geht!
Let’s get started!



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