This course has a 100% success rate at the Max Mueller Goethe Institute’s international certification exams, since 2007.

  • suman-judge-director
  • Ms. Suman Judge

Our trainer Suman Judge is professional pedagogue. She studied in Germany and has a professional degree and 11 years of experience to teach German. She has been successfully producing young and trained scholars through GLC since 2007.

Course Content: Virtual Recognition of everything heard or read, including a wide range of demanding, longer clauses

Recognize implicit meaning.

Summarize information from different spoken and written sources and construct arguments in a coherent presentation.

Express yourself spontaneously, fluently and precisely without much obvious searching for expressions.

Use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.

Write clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.

Use receptive strategies, affective strategies, interaction strategies (asking for repetition or reformulation), memory strategies, social strategies, problem-solving strategies, production strategies, decision-making strategies.

Plentiful speaking and listening activities – Includes situational exercises & interaction.

Writing practice, e.g. emails, texts etc.

Acclimatization with the German culture.

Information about life, job and universities in Germany.

Preparation for international certificate exam of “level A1-Start Deutsch 1”conducted by “Goethe –Institute Max Mueller Bhavan” language center by government of Germany.

Course Duration 5 Months
Class Duration 3-4 Hours
Class Days Monday To Thursday
Course Hours 150 Hours
Friday Activities Speaking Session, Email Writing, Group Discussions, Grammar Revision, German Movie Or Role Play.
Batch Size Minimum 5 to 7 Students
New Batch In Every 6 Months
Study Material 5 Course Books and 30 Mock Test Papers
Course Fee Depends on the course and pace of learning that you choose. Walk-in to our centre with all your queries and let us help you choose the best.

Pre-Requisite: Level A2 Goethe Certificate Is Required.